Silico Manganese

Silico Manganese


Silico Manganese Manufacturer in India

Vandana Global is a leading Silico Manganese manufacturer that empowering India since 1996, registered in Mumbai and working from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
Silico Manganese is a ferroalloy mainly composed of Silicon and Manganese. It is used as a deoxidizing and alloying additive in the smelting of steel. Silico Manganese is a high value-added product used for manufacturing mild and special steel. It is manufactured and supplied in various shapes and form factors, from billets to fillers and allied reinforcements.
Silicon Manganese is essential in making carbon and alloy steels to impart specific chemical and physical properties like flexibility, tensile strength, increased ductility, enhanced resistance, and reduced corrosion.
Manganese is used in the process to increase strength and toughness. Silico Manganese finds usage in de-sulphurization, de-oxidation, and refining of steel.

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