MS Wire Rods

MS Wire Rods

Wire Rod

MS Wire Rod Manufacturer in India

Vandana Global Ltd is the leading Wire Rod manufacturer at Raipur that manufactures high-quality Wire Rod of sizes 5-16 mm with the best technology and plant & machinery support. Since the raw material i.e. Steel Billet is in-house manufactured, the company can produce high-quality Wire Rod in an efficient & cost-effective manner.
These products are used for various applications including Binding wire, Gl wire, Barbed wire for fencing, Armored sealed wire for heavy electrical cables, Nut bolts, Nails, screws, Alpine, Wire ropes, Wire mesh, etc.

  • Excellent exterior finish & tolerance in each dimension due to usages of tungsten carbide rings in rolls.
  • Uniform mechanical properties across the length.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and close dimensional consistencies.
  • Free from surface defects.
  • Low level of metallic and non-metallic inclusion resulting in better draw ability.
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